Handicraft Furniture Manufacturer in Rajasthan

PEARL HANDICRAFTS is a leading manufacturer and exporter of bone or mother-of-pearl tables. Hand-crafted Indian mother-of-pearl inlay furniture will create a stunning centerpiece for any room. No matter what size bedside table or chest of drawers you choose, the iridescent inlay will add a touch of the Indian subcontinent to your room.

Mother of pearl, or nacre, is a composite material produced by certain mollusks as an inner shell layer. Its strength and durability make it ideal for crafting unique items like furniture and jewelry. Our master craftsmen in Rajasthan state of India have to use their expertise combined with appropriate tools to make sure the final product is of high quality. For centuries these third or fourth-generation makers have been working hard on these beautiful pieces.

Mother of Pearl pieces is arranged into carved silhouettes by rearranging them. To eliminate cavities caused by the irregularities of pearls, fine sawdust is used as filler under the design. A hammer is used to gently fit the pieces into the wood. Glue is applied to secure the pattern. Traditional Rajasthani furniture, silver furniture, wooden beds, swings, teak wood swings, jhulas, sofa sets, dining tables, coffee/tea tables, curved wooden doors, carved teakwood furniture, wooden cart furniture, and bone inlay furniture are also manufactured and exported by PEARL HANDICRAFTS.

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